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Company Contract Terms and Conditions


The Chartering Party- includes the procuring individuals/company, group leader, tour guide, and all of the on board passengers not including the driver.

The Procured Company or “the Company''- Bookaride Coach Lines. and all of its representatives.


The Chartering Party is entirely responsible for the actions and cares of all its members and their property while on a contracted Charter Trip. Please make all members aware of the Chartering Party’s responsibilities while on board of the rented bus. Specifically:

Departure/Arrival Delays
1. Bookaride Coach Lines is not liable for delays caused by accidents, breakdowns, detours, bad highway conditions, snowstorms, traffic congestion, or any other condition outside of the company’s control, and therefore cannot guarantee the specified time of arrival or departure. We will nevertheless always strive to maintain the published schedule.

Unforeseen Emergency Circumstances

2. Bookaride Coach Lines reserves the right to halt any trip at any time due to unforeseen whether changes or due to any other circumstance of emergency nature and therefore does not carry any liability for breach of contracted services due to unforeseen emergency circumstances.

Lost/Stolen Property

3. Bookaride Coach Lines will not be liable for lost or stolen articles during the trip. All luggage and all other passengers’ property will be handled at passengers’ risk. The Company’s buses may or may not be secured while left unattended. Bookaride Coach Lines is not responsible for any lost and/or stolen articles left on the bus either overnight, during or after any contracted charter trip.

Liability for Damages to Bookaride Coach Lines Property

4. Any damage to the interior or exterior of any rented buses or equipment which is caused by any member of the Chartering Party shall be the responsibility of the Chartering Party. The charges for damages may include the cost to the carrier for repairs and loss of service due to such damages.

5. The Chartering Party will be responsible for the general cleanliness of the bus while on route and at drop off; failure to oblige may ensue additional cleaning fees. Any additional fees and costs are also subject to administrative fees and interest.

Disruptive Person(s) On Board

6. The driver and/or tour escort reserve the right to eject any disruptive person who is abusive, poses a safety hazard to other passengers and/or driver, or who are reasonably deemed to be a public nuisance.

Applicability of Additional Charges

7. Bookaride Coach Lines reserves the right to charge additional charges above the initial contracted rate for any extra mileage or services not established in the contract prior to departure. Highway 407 is an example of an additional option to be charged above the standard quoted rate.

8. The Chartering Party is responsible for all road tolls, entrance fees to parks and picnic areas, parking fees, or for any other such service.

Deposit and Refund

9. To finalize all bookings a 25% deposit must be processed unless negotiated otherwise with the Bookaride Coach Lines management representative.

10. In the case of trip/booking cancellation, the deposit is fully refundable if the cancellation notice is provided in writing 28 or more days prior to the departure date; otherwise, the full deposit will be retained. Customers will be charged 50% of the total transportation amount if cancellation is made 27 to 7 days prior to departure date. The full cost of the charter will be kept if the charter is cancelled six days or less prior to departure date.

Health and Safety

11. The Chartering Party is solely responsible for the health and safety of all its members. This includes accommodating persons with disabilities, intoxicated individuals, and children.

Right to Subcontract

12. Bookaride Coach Lines reserves the right to substitute/subcontract any bus and/or equipment at the company’s discretion and without notice provided to the Chartering Party. This normally occurs in the case of emergency or unforeseen circumstances.

Abidance by Applicable Canadian and U.S. Laws

13. All Bookaride Coach Lines charter trips are subject to itinerary approval by the Company management to ensure that the hours of service meet with applicable laws. This includes monitoring the progress of any trip and placing the driver off-duty if legally necessary.

14. Consumption of alcohol is illegal on board any bus in Ontario. Drinking alcohol is therefore not permitted on board any Bookaride Coach Lines bus. The company reserves the right to stop any charter at any point without compensation should the Chartering Party or its members violate the “no drinking on board” policy.