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Frequently Asked Questions

    No Refund, No Change of Schedule:

    • · Once a booking is confirmed, customers are obligated to travel on the specified date and time. "BookARide" will not entertain any requests for refunds or changes to the schedule.


    Policy Exception:

    • · In exceptional circumstances, if customers wish to change their booking to a different date or time, they may do so by paying a fee of $20. However, such requests are subject to availability.


    Customer Responsibility:

    • · Customers are responsible for ensuring that they select the most suitable date and time for their travel needs at the time of booking. "BookARide" will not be held liable for any inconveniences arising from failure to comply with the chosen schedule.


    Cancellation Policy:

    • · Cancellation of bookings is not permissible under this policy. Customers are urged to carefully consider their travel plans before confirming a booking.


    Discretionary Authority:

    • · "BookARide" reserves the right to make exceptions to this policy at its discretion, in extenuating circumstances. However, such exceptions do not waive the terms outlined herein.


  • If we cancel a trip (ex.: bad weather):
    • All passengers will be entitled to a full refund, including the booking fee, or an exchange for a ticket on another trip at no additional cost.
    • We will initiate this process automatically upon the cancellation of the trip, so there is no need to contact us to request a refund or exchange in such an instance.
  • If the bus is late to pick you up:
    • While we will do our best to ensure that all of our buses arrive on time, there are factors outside of our control, such as traffic and the weather, which can cause a delay. We encourage passengers to track their bus’s location using the link that was provided with their digital ticket purchase to minimize wait time at the pick up location.
      • Under four (4) hours:
        • The passenger will not be entitled to a refund, discount, or credit, should their bus be delayed by less than four (4) hours.
      • Over two (4) hours:
        • Should you wish to continue with your trip, we would be happy to provide our loyal customers with a credit worth 50% of your ticket’s purchase price (before any add-ons ex: extra luggage) to be applied to your next trip, as a token of our appreciation for your patience.
        • Should you no longer wish to continue with your trip, you will be entitled to a full refund, including the booking fee.
        • Upon becoming aware that one of our buses is over four (4) hours behind schedule, we will reach out to all passengers who were affected to see how we can make things right. There is no need to contact us to request the discount or refund in such an instance.
      • If a bus delay causes a passenger to miss a connection (ex.: train, plane, other bus):
        • We encourage passengers to plan ahead for any possible delays by providing themselves with ample time between their scheduled arrival at their first destination and any connecting trains, planes, or buses. We cannot be held liable for any missed connections. Thank you for understanding!
  • I can no longer travel for reasons related to COVID-19.
    • Please contact us as soon as possible to notify us that you are no longer able to travel using the form on our Contact page .
    • To encourage passengers to reschedule rather than travel when they should be self-isolating, we will be providing a full refund, including the booking fee, or exchange, at no additional cost, to anyone who can provide proof that on their scheduled travel date, they:
    • Tested positive for COVID-19 and are within their mandatory self-isolation / quarantine period
    • Are awaiting test results for COVID-19 and are required to self-isolate / quarantine
    • Are a caregiver for a dependent who has tested positive for COVID-19, is within their mandatory self-isolation / quarantine period, and requires care
    • Dependents can include children under the age of 12 years or an immediate family member such as an elderly parent or an adult child with a disability.
  • No-Show Policy:
    • Passengers are expected to arrive at the departure point on time. If you miss the bus due to late arrival, no refunds, vouchers, or exchanges will be provided. 
  • Missed Bus Policy:
    • While we strive for punctuality, delays can occur due to traffic, weather, or other unforeseen factors. It is your responsibility to wait at the station until the bus's arrival. 
    • We offer bus tracking as a convenience, but it should not be solely relied upon for accurate departure times. Always be prepared to wait for the bus's physical arrival. 
  • Note: Ensure your contact details are correct when booking your ticket. We will use this information to notify you of any significant delays or changes. 

  • Included in the cost of a ticket, each passenger is permitted one (1) personal item, one (1) carry on, and one (1) checked bag, as outlined below. Additional bags are permitted at an added cost, space permitting, so they must be booked in advance.
  • Personal Item
    • Must fit under the seat in front of you
      Max size: 41 cm x 15 cm x 33 cm (16” x 6” x 13”)
      Examples: purse, laptop bag, briefcase, small backpack, tote bag
  • Carry On
    • Must fit in overhead compartment
      Max size: 52 cm x 23 cm x 38 cm (21” x 9” x 15”)
      Examples: small suitcase, small duffel bag
  • Checked Luggage (Regular)
    • Max size: 157 cm (62”) total combined dimensions (height + width + depth)
      Max Weight: 23 kg (50 lbs)
      Examples: large suitcase, large duffel bag

      If your bag exceeds the size and weight limits above, an extra charge of $25 will apply.
  • Checked Luggage (Oversize or Overweight)
    • $25 charge
      Max size: 213 cm (62”) total combined dimensions (height + width + depth)
      Max Weight: 50 lbs - 70 lbs
      Anything heavier or larger is not permitted due to size constraints and safety concerns for the driver.
  • Foldable Wheelchairs or Walkers
    • Free of charge

  • Everything that fits the criteria above is permitted, except for the following items:
    • E-scooters
    • Bikes
    • Electric wheelchairs
    • Weapons such as, but not limited to, guns, rifles, knives, swords, clubs, bats, or axes
    • Illegal or controlled substances (with the exception of medications for which you have a valid prescription in your own name)
    • Live animals, insects, or arachnids
    • Dangerous goods, as outlined below
    • While we will do our best to ensure that your belongings are safe, we are not responsible for any damaged, lost/missing, or stolen items. Transport fragile and/or valuable items (ex.: musical instruments) at your own risk.
  • The following items are considered to be ‘dangerous goods’ and are not permitted on board any of our buses at any time, whether as a checked bag, carry-on, personal item, or on your person:
    • Explosives
      • As included in the Explosives Act
    • Gasses
      • Compressed, deeply refrigerated, liquefied or dissolved under pressure

        • Commonly used as fuel: propane
        • Commonly used in food refrigeration: nitrogen
        • Commonly used in pulp bleaching: sulfur dioxide
        • Oxygen
    • Flammable liquids
      • Liquids which have a closed-cup flash point not greater than 60 ℃

        • Commonly used as fuel: gasoline, ethanol, fuel oil (diesel)
    • Flammable solids
      • Substances liable to spontaneous combustion, and substances that emit flammable gasses upon contact with water (i.e.: water-reactive substances)

        • Commonly used in lacquers: naphthalene
        • Commonly used in rocket fuel: sodium hydrosulphite
        • Commonly used in heat exchangers (valves): sodium
    • Oxidizing Substances and Organic Peroxides
      • Substances which cause or contribute to the combustion of other material by yielding oxygen or other oxidizing substances or organic compounds which are strong oxidizing agents and may be liable to explosive decomposition, be sensitive to heat, shock or friction or react dangerously with other dangerous goods

        • Commonly used in fertilizers: ammonium nitrate
        • Commonly used in automobile body shops as body filler: dibenzoyl peroxide
    • Toxic and Infectious Substances
      • Solids or liquids that are toxic through inhalation, by skin contact or by ingestion

        • Commonly used as a germicide or general disinfectant: phenol
      • Micro-organisms that are infectious or that are reasonably believed to be infectious to humans or animals

        • Commonly used in disease research: rabies virus
    • Radioactive Materials
      • Nuclear substances, within the meaning of the Nuclear Safety and Control Act, which are radioactive

        • Commonly used in nuclear fuel rods: radioactive material - LSA (yellow cake)
    • Corrosives
      • Substances that causes destruction of skin or corrode steel or non-clad aluminum

        • Commonly used in batteries and industrial cleaners: sulphuric acid and sodium hydroxide
    • Miscellaneous Products, Substances, or Organisms
      • Miscellaneous products, substances or organisms considered by the Governor-in-Council to be dangerous to life, health, property or the environment when handled, offered for transport, or transported

        • Marine pollutants (environmentally hazardous substances)
        • Elevated temperature materials: dry ice, asbestos, and lithium batteries

  • Extra Checked Luggage (Regular).
    • $15 charge
      Max size: 157 cm (62”) total combined dimensions
      Max Weight:23 kgs (50 lbs)
      Examples: large suitcase, large duffel bag
  • Extra Checked Luggage (Oversize or Overweight)
    • $25 charge for a bag that exceeds 23 kgs (50 lbs) but is under 31 kgs (70 lbs);
  • Each passenger can add a maximum two (2) extra checked bags (regular OR oversize/overweight) without contacting us. If you want to bring more than one extra checked bag, please contact us at least 36 hours (i.e.: 3 days) in advance of your planned travel date to discuss the possibility and get a quote.

  • Yes! As introductory promotional pricing, it is all one price per category below regardless of the origin or destination.
  • Envelope: $10
  • Bag or parcel up to 23 kgs (50 lbs): $40
  • Bag or parcel that exceeds 23 kgs (50 lbs) but is under 31 kgs (70 lbs): $70
  • Additional delivery attempts: $15 each
    • Rules and Restrictions:
      • The cargo has to be properly packaged for transport
      • The sender is responsible for covering the cost of the shipping. We do not accept requests for Cash on Delivery (C.O.D.) shipments.
      • The sender must be present at the stop prior to the bus’s scheduled departure.
      • The receiver must be present at the stop prior to the bus’s scheduled arrival.
      • If the receiver does not arrive at the stop prior to the bus’s scheduled departure from the stop, the bus must continue on its course and will not wait for the receiver’s arrival.
        • In this case, the sender must contact us through the form on our Contact page to request an additional delivery attempt; a surcharge of $15 will be applied to the original payment method for each additional delivery attempt.
        • After three (3) failed delivery attempts, the sender must contact us to retrieve their bag or parcel within five (5) business days, or we will dispose of it at our discretion.
      • The maximum freight liability is $100.00 per item. We do not accept freight that has a replacement value of more than $100.
      • We do not ship the following items:
        • E-scooters
        • Bikes
        • Electric wheelchairs
        • Dangerous goods, as outlined above in our luggage policy
        • Perishable items (i.e.: food, other than canned or dried goods)
        • Live animals, insects, or arachnids

  • While all passengers, with the exception of children younger than two (2) years old, will be required to wear a mask at all times while on board one of our buses, you may remove your mask temporarily while eating or drinking, as long as:
      • The food doesn’t disturb other passengers (ex.: smelly foods like fish)
      • The food or beverages abide by our ‘Drug and Alcohol Policy’, outlined below
  • Passengers are required to clean up any food or beverage-related messes that they create, including placing any garbage in an on-board garbage bin or taking it with them when they exit the vehicle.
    • Drug and Alcohol Policy
      • The consumption of illegal and controlled substances, including alcohol, is prohibited on board our buses (with the exception of medications for which you have a valid prescription in your own name). Should the driver discover that you have in your possession any illegal or controlled substance, the driver shall report this to the appropriate authorities to be dealt with at their discretion.
    • “Consumption” can include, but is not limited to the following methods:
      • Smoking or vaping (tobacco, marijuana, or any other substance)
      • Drinking a beverage or eating a food product (i.e.: “edibles”) infused with THC or any other psychoactive, psychopharmaceutical, or psychotropic substance (ex.: “shrooms”)
      • Injection